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The DigiHub team uses a variety of tools to help identify content that could be shared more widely, but no one tool functions as a one-stop shop to find suitable stories. These tools also all rely on the user speaking other languages to read the headlines and establish whether a story has been published in different languages. The killer application of a tool such as this would exploit automation and machine learning technology to allow the DigiHub team the ability to respond more rapidly to breaking or trending news. Using machine learning to predict which stories are about to trend, before they do, allows the team to identify translate and publish before the story begins to trend, hopefully delighting our audience that the stories they want to read are available in their language when they want to read them.

That is, allowing a large news organisation which publishes content in many languages to look at its own multi-lingual output and help news teams look across news stories which may be in languages they do not understand. Primarily this internal media monitoring use case has been driven by our SUMMA partners Deutsche Welle, but it became clear that internal media monitoring could be a huge benefit to BBC world service too.

We decided to use the following modules in the prototype:. The inclusion of the Trending Story Predictor ensures the DigiHub team are only alerted to stories predicted to be trending. Had the Sandcastle tool been used? What, if anything, had been useful? What were barriers to greater use? What might make the tool more useful? What need is there that this tool is not meeting? Principal Ridgewood H. Deborah Stallings Together 30 Years. Barbara Kempe Together 15 Years. Bill Neave Together 44 years. Donald Bidwell Together 65 years. Gyda Arber Together 4 years. Lisa My Father Michael.

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Gloria My Father Moises. Leeza My Grandfather John. Christina My Stepfather John. Heather My Friend Kathy. Alice My Husband Chauncey. Amanda N My Friend Ellen.

The Tidal Wave and Other Stories eBook

Jorge My Mother Olga. Renae My Grandmother Anna. Janet My Sister Connie. Ann My Mother Elaine. Alan My Father Arthur. Dwane My Grandfather Joe. Peggy My Grandmother Marie. Rey My Grandfather Montaze. Paul My Grandmother Nina. Brian My Grandfather Sylvester. Thomas My Father Harry. Milton My Brother Nelson. Kelly My Father Robert. Amanda My Grandfather Thomas. Kathleen My Mother Kye Yun.

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Enricco My Friend Margaret. Valerie My Sister Caroline. Sara My Best Friend Carly. Cristina My Mother-in-law Carmina. David My Grandfather Papi. Julia My Grandfather George.

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Justin My Grandfather. Jeffrey My Grandmother Anne.

Zoe My Mother Deborah. Garnette My Grandfather Sherman. Raquel My Mother Beatrize. Bill My Grandfather Charles. Lisa My Grandmother.


The Tidal Wave and Other Stories eBook

Madelene My cousin Mia. Xavier My Great-grandmother Ellen.

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Hannah My Mentor Scotty. Rich My Grandmother Millie. Ryan My Friend Dave.

Daneile My Father Daniel. Chris My Grandfather Andy. Elizabeth My Friend David. Falcon My Friend John. Nathaly My Cousin Michelle.