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Great Gift. MidnightStarlet 5 out of 5 stars Previous page Next page. If you're talking world class difficulty, then Hypnotized Minds in the US at least seems to be one of the most coveted ticks only 1 repeat? The Nest and Jade are also up there as popular testpieces at V15 and Outside of the US: The big Island, story of 2 worlds, monkey wedding I asked the question, partly, to see if there would instantly be a consensus like there would have been 10 years ago with Midnight Lightning.

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Since I can't climb that hard and don't hang in the circles of hard men and women, it was a mere curiosity. I willingly admit that this question may be ameri-centric. What I am imagining and maybe this isn't an applicable reference point is the boulder problem that those that have climbed say v14 and harder sit around the campfire and discuss the most. In the vein of, "when I did X," or "hey, you have to do x," or "you can't call yourself a hard boulderer until you've done x. Maybe this isn't an answerable question right now as the number of problems in the V13 and above range seems to grow almost daily and deciding on the most classic of these just may take more time I think ML doesn't deserve the title anymore as I don't think it answers the above questions.

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I do think it is the most famous and most coveted ascent in this grade range Lots of hard problems would have an issue with "you can't call yourself a hard boulderer until you've done x". Maybe: Evilution Direct? Black Lung?

The Vice? Gecko Assis? New Baseline? I guess that's my problem with this question - the only people I know that think about bouldering in this way are relatively new to the sport. All the people I know who have been around long enough to possibly be able to answer the question simply aren't interested. I don't think perhaps outside of a tiny number of pros hard climbing and comparing yourself to others are so tightly bound.

For many folks, the most memorable days are not necessarily tied to the most famous problems. Also, lots of strong folks these days are more interested in finding new and interesting boulders, rather than compiling a tick-list. Or Yosemite? And more important, who owned the trademark? So I scoured the Internet for answers.

James Lucas: How I Trained for Midnight Lightning - Training for Rock Climbing

But as is often the nature on Internet forums, there was no constructive debate, and I found few answers. Midnight Lightning V8 at years-old. Photo by Christian Pondella.

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The lightning bolt recognizes the spirit of a story we created. We already had our lightning bolt. All three of these images have weathered over time and all three have been historically preserved and or restored. And as for their connotations, it is us—the viewers—who assign meaning to the images. The images themselves just exist. Everyone I spoke with felt that the magic was still very much a part of the bolt.

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk boulders Midnight Lightning (V8), Yosemite

So I decided to ask Lucas himself why he felt so strongly about removing the bolt, and how the drawing had become a trademark. Unfortunately, although he did respond, Lucas refused to be quoted. And armed with a toothbrush and an iPhone [camera] under the cover of darkness, he did so. To me, however, creating something from nothing, as Kauk did by climbing Midnight Lightning , or as Bachar did by drawing the bolt, is different than destroying something that already exists both physically and in the minds of others.