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Your name or the name of your business should be front-and-center, loud and clear for whomever is paying the invoice. Most companies require you to include their business name and other information see below primarily for record keeping. This provides critical information to the person paying the invoice in the event they have questions or concerns.

One element easily forgotten when learning how to write an invoice for the first time is the invoice number. The invoice number is particularly helpful if you have a client with multiple current or future invoices. If there are concerns or questions, they can simply call you up and ask about invoice , for example. Or even Instead, start with a random number and then just add one each time invoicing apps do this automatically. For example, when I first started as a freelancer, my original invoice was number This is particularly important when paired with your payment terms below since the speed with which you get paid is often determined by the invoice issuance date and the payment timeline terms.

This can be dangerous when it comes to payment terms. The best scenario for you Due on Receipt is definitely not the best option for your clients Net 30, Net 60 or even Net Create a new line for each item or hourly charge , include the cost per each if applicable and the total cost of each line.

Include any relevant instructions and links for paying the invoice. Do they email you?

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  • 1. Ask for payment upfront.

Call you with a credit card? Pay online Freshbooks , Bonsai , PayPal and others take credit card payments right within the invoice?

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Guess what? That was pretty simple, right? The next step now is to generate your final invoice and then save it somewhere. Store your invoices all in the same folder and consider using a name convention to easily find them later. Something like:. Aside from actually getting paid as a freelancer , this is the best part of learning how to write an invoice!

Sending an invoice can be a bit nerve-wracking, but it can also be a bit of a rush. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when sending your invoice:. Above all else, be professional and confident. But remember, this invoice or rather the revenue it represents is the lifeblood of your business. Treat it that way.

When showing you how to write an invoice above, I recommended that you include the payment terms—in fact most companies require it. Do yourself a favor by also reminding them when sending the invoice when you expect to see your first payment and how much it should be. A simple, more casual, reminder ought to do.

The last thing you want—after taking all that time to learn how to write an invoice—is for your invoice details to be unclear. This final step is critical. You may even want to follow up a few days before to ensure a timely payment. As a reminder, in addition to simplifying how to write an invoice, tools like Freshbooks or Bonsai can send automatic email reminders for clients who forget to pay their invoices.

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Preston Lee is the founder of Millo where he and his team have been helping freelancers thrive for over a decade. His advice has been featured by Entrepreneur, Inc, Forbes, Adobe, and many more. Connect with Preston on Twitter. Skip to content. PayPal Free … kindof. More options for writing an invoice.

This information can prove invaluable to Guild staff for enforcement as well at the bargaining table when negotiating your next contract. The Guild wants to help you collect your money.

Keep the cash coming: How to ensure your invoices are paid on time

When you or your representative contact the Guild, staff will assist you in determining how best to proceed. Problems are usually resolved informally. Often matters are handled informally on your behalf. If a writer has a legitimate complaint, frequently a call to the Company from the Guild is frequently enough to produce results.

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Contact the Guild any time you believe you have been paid late. Contact the Late Pay Desk. Be ready to provide the following facts:. Just dial or contact the Late Pay Desk. A Guild representative will shortly contact the writer with a status update within a week of receiving a late payment inquiry. Once the Guild has enough information, a Guild representative will contact the Company to try to resolve the matter quickly. Guild involvement often results in swift payment. Once your compensation is received, interest stops accruing.

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But the outstanding interest may still be due to the writer. If you have a question about a residuals payment, contact the Residuals Department at or email Residuals. If you would like to make a claim for outstanding residuals, complete the Residuals Payment Inquiry form to initiate an investigation with the Residuals Department. Menu Close.

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